Brrr! The Best Winter Books for Preschoolers

We have some great winter books for preschoolers that will help your child learn all about this cold winter season. In this article, we share the best winter books for kids — categorized by books for toddlers and preschoolers, ending with some fun activities you can do in the winter months at home. Let’s get into it!

Snowball - Winter Books for Preschoolers

Winter is such a great time to read when the air is crisp and cold, and you can cuddle up inside with a story. These winter books prepare children for the fun of making a snowman, how to spend your days when school is canceled due to snow, the downhill rides on the sled, and so many other adventurous activities in the snow. Through these stories, your preschoolers learn essential information about the cold winter season, how to prepare for it, and what animals do during these cold months.

Winter Books for Toddlers

Let’s start with the list of some winter books for toddlers.

The Mitten

Written and illustrated by: Jan Brett

The Mitten is one of the bestselling books of a modern classic. The story starts when Nicki embarks on a journey through woods in the winter. He accidentally drops his mitten on the snow, without realizing he carried it on his journey. The curious animals, a mole, a rabbit, and a badger all try their luck with it. The climax comes when a brown bear following a mouse tries to enter the mitten. Toddlers would enjoy the humor and charm of animals how they make room for each other.

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The Itsy Bitsy Snowman

Written by Jeffery Burton, Illustrated by Sanja Rescek

“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” the spider has become a snowman. This fun-filled book is a joyful children’s book about winter. It is a story about a snowman who gets out in the snow in a town.

He carries his journey through the city on a sled. There is snow falling from the sky. The beautiful snowflakes and their depiction would make the children fall in love with snowfall and snow. And in the winter, when they would make a snowman, they would love reciting the story snowman lived through winter.

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The Itsy Bitsy Snowman - winter books for toddlers

Little Critter: Just a Snowman

Written and illustrated by Mercer Mayer

The most loved famous character, Little Critter, has to endeavor a lot on a single day. The snow fell so heavy that all the roads are blocked, and school is off. Little Critter wants to build a snowman, but he has to take his sister out with him. She is struggling with her snowshoes. His dad is clearing the sidewalk with the shovel.

And Gator has already built a fort. Little Critter has to finish a lot before he gets the chance to make a snowman. The most important thing of all is to help his sister wear the snow boots before they both get out.

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Little Critter: Just a Snowman - winter books for toddlers

Animals in Winter

Written by: Henrietta Bancroft, Richard G. Van Gelder
Illustrated by Helen K. Davie

This book about winter for preschoolers also teaches about science. Animals in Winter shows the different animals in winter and how they behave. For example, have you ever seen a butterfly in the snow? The answer is obviously no. Where do they go then? They migrate. And what about the woodchucks? The woodchucks hibernate in their den. Children learn different facts about the animal and their behavior in winter with this beautiful book.

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Animals in Winter - winter books for toddlers


Written by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Lauren Stringer

Snow, one of the most loved snow books for preschoolers, gives something more than winter and cold. A young girl, her friend, and her grandma live a lifetime on a single snowy day. The author takes the reader on the journey of a snowy day where the three characters live and feel the emotional experiences. This book presents enchanted illustration with beautiful words to involve the reader throughout the book. Children will learn new words and expressions in this story. They also learn how to narrate particular emotions in words and express themselves adequately.

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Snow book by Cynthia Rylant

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Written by: Richard B. Smith, Felix Bernard, Illustrated by Tim Hopgood

Some books about winter for preschoolers often tell about stories of different characters, animals, or snowman. But this book takes you on the adventure of a family. The whole family enjoys a walk in the winter wonderland. This is a beautiful illustration of all the festivities of winter and has given life to a famous Christmas song. It will bring a smile and joy to readers of all ages.

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland - winter books for preschoolers

Winter Books for Preschoolers

The Snowy Day

Written by: Ezra Jack Keats, Illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats

A list of books about winter for preschoolers is not complete without placing The Snowy Day on top.  This book is a widely sold book on amazon. It is famous for Its illustrations and the narrative the author has used to express the story. It is an accurate depiction of the emotions and feelings of a child who sees snow for the very first time.

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The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats - winter books for preschoolers

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

Written by: Kenard Pak, Illustrated by Kenard Pak

Children’s books about winter tell the stories of characters. This book is a bit different from the rest. This book narrates the story of winter. Two children, a brother and sister, take a stroll around the town to look for winter. When autumn is about to leave the animals, window and very thing around whisper about the arrival of winter, these children talk to everything around them and learn about the signs which tell about the arrival of winter.

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Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter book

Good Morning, Snowplow!

Written by: Deborah Bruss, illustrated by Steve Johnson, Lou Fancher

Snow books for preschoolers seldom touch this topic. This book gives beautiful narration and illustrations from award-winning artists. When there is a snowstorm and snow falls for hours, the roads are closed and snow blocks all the roads. It is the duty of a single person to keep all the roads open and clean for the vehicles to move and go — the snowplow driver He is preparing for the snowstorm. At night, he gets ready to start his work. The driver, his dog, and snowplow are the hope of the entire town to survive in the snow-filled area.

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Good Morning, Snowplow! winter books for preschoolers

The Thing About Yetis

Written and illustrated by Vin Vogel            

Some of the best winter books for toddlers have magical winter creatures — like the story of the yetis! The author of The Thing About Yetis uses yetis to express the feelings children may have in this season. For example, the yeti feels cold and shivers in the snow. By following the events, children learn to enjoy winter as yetis did and tips and activities for staying warm on a chilled winter day.

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The Thing About Yetis - winter books for preschoolers

Over and Under the Snow

Written by Kate Messner, Illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

Most snow books for preschoolers tell them about a single world. But in this book, there are two worlds. One is over the snow, and the other is under it. Over the snow, everything is white and inanimate. People and animals over the snow live in a life of white and cold universe with minimum activates on the ground. Under the snow, the world of squirrels, snow hares, and frogs is filled with life and activities.

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Over and Under the Snow - winter books for preschoolers

The Poky Little Puppy’s Wonderful Winter Day

Written by Jean Chandler, Illustrated by Sue DiCicco

Poky and his four brothers and sister enjoy the most memorable winter morning of their life. They play in the snow, ride a sled, and throw snowballs at each other. Suddenly poky is lost. All his siblings are unable to find him. Then he comes back and dreams of his fun memorable day in the snow.

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The Poky Little Puppy's Wonderful Winter Day

Owl Moon

Written by Jane Yolen, illustrated by John Schoenderr

Owl Moon is a classic winter book for kids. A young boy and his dad go on an adventure through the woods in the middle of winter to try to find an owl. The illustrations are remarkable and the narration is worded just perfectly. The magic of the night and all that they experience bond not only the father and son, but the reader as well.

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Owl Moon - winter books for preschoolers

Brave Irene

Written and illustrated by William Steig

Here is another winter book for kids about the harrowing experience of being on a journey through the snow! Irene’s mother is too sick to deliver the dress to the dutchess for the ball that evening, so brave Irene goes on a quest to deliver it herself by foot through a snowstorm. It teaches children endurance, generosity, and the satisfaction of persevering when times are tough.

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Brave Irene - book by William Steig

Mice Skating

Written by Annie Silvestro and Illustrated by Teagan White

Most mice hibernate in the winter, but not Lucy the mouse. She loves winter, and loves ice skating! But it can be lonely when all of her friends aren’t around for her to enjoy it. This sweet winter book for preschoolers teaches on the joys of friendship and fun it is to share experiences with the ones you love. The illustrations in this book are especially lovely. And if you like this book, you may enjoy Volume 2 of Lucy’s adventures: Sugar and Spice and Everything Mice.

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Mice Skating - winter books for preschoolers

Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter

Written by Eugenie Doyle and Illustrated by Becca Stadtlander

The harvest is over and now it’s time to put the farm to sleep. This is a great book to teach children about farm life and all the work it takes to maintain and work on a farm. It reads like a story, but also gives a lot of facts about what plants grow during the winter and the reason for putting the farm to sleep, so that we can have fresh foods in the spring. This winter book for preschoolers will help them understand that their food doesn’t just appear in their kitchens, but takes the hard work of farmers to grow it.

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Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter

Winter Activities for Preschoolers

Reading in the winter is such a lovely and cozy activity to do with your kids! Here are some fun activity ideas that you can do with your kids:

1. Fire Side Stories

Plan an evening for the entire family to sit beside the fire and read a book. And it is always a good thing to motivate the children to read their books aloud to have fun and joy. If you want to read more, check out 10 reasons to read aloud to your child.

2. Snow Spelling

Bundle up and head outside! is an outdoor activity! Reading and writing go hand in hand. Get the benefit out of the latest snowfall in your neighborhood. Let your child practice the spelling or play spelling games in the snow.

3. Writing Prompts

Ask your children to be creative writers and draw whatever comes to mind. Some writing prompts include:

  • My favorite thing about winter
  • The best thing to do on a snowy day
  • The best family winter tradition is…
  • How to make hot chocolate
  • Trees in winter look like
  • Where do the squirrels go in winter?
  • The best winter animals
  • The coldest I’ve ever been was…

This activity may be better suited for older children who can write, but you could always ask them to dictate the story and write it down for them.

4. Drawing Prompts

Here are some ideas of winter crafts to do with your child:

  • Draw a picture to go with your story from above.
  • Gather some white paper and scissors, and create snowflakes to hang in the house.
  • Draw a picture of a snowman.
  • Draw a picture of a tree in all seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
  • Use cotton balls to make a snowy scene.
  • Make a bird feeder out of pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seed.

5. Winter Acrostic Poem

This is a fun way to be creative and have fun at the same time. Write the word winter vertically. Then ask your children to write words relating to winter start with each letter.


Winter books for preschoolers come with beautiful illustrations to involve your children in learning about winter. The toddlers and preschoolers who have not witnessed the winter might cause some trouble during winter. Sometimes it becomes difficult for you to make them understand the harsh and freezing weather outside. These books are a great tool to teach children about the true nature of winter and how to survive.

These winter books also educate children about animals and their behavior in winter, including hibernation and migration of different animals from cold areas to warmer places. The interactive books, with magical creatures, stimulate the imagination of your children. Children also learn how to express their emotions in words and learn about bravery through stories set in the wintertime.

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Do you and your family have any other favorite winter books for kids to add to this booklist? If you have a favorite winter book that you would like considered to be featured, please feel free to contact us!

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