The Best Dinosaur Books for Kids

Dinosaurs are beloved by children of all ages, and we’ve compiled the best dinosaur books for kids, categorized by age and including both reference books filled with information as well as great stories featuring dinosaurs.

Researchers found that one in three children will develop an “intense interest” in dinosaurs at some point, and fascination with a conceptual topic like dinosaurs has been linked to better attention spans, information-processing skills, and persistence. That’s because you actually have to go out there and ask questions, read and learn, not just passively observe.

For children who have an intense interest or just want to learn more, reading is one of the best ways to learn about dinosaurs, and below are some of the best dinosaur books for children of all ages.

Dinosaur Books for Toddlers

Usborne That’s Not My Dinosaur

That’s Not My Dinosaur

Written by Fiona Watt

Toddlers love these touchy-feely books, where they can explore different textures, colors, and materials. This is a well-made, quality board book that will start a love of dinosaurs in your home.

Dinosaur Dig!

Dinosaurs Dig!

Written and Illustrated by Penny Dale

This book has the intersection of dinosaurs and construction trucks and would be a great gift for a child who loves both. If you like this book, check out the other books in the six-book series about dinosaurs by Penny Dale.

Hello World Dinosaurs

Hello World Dinosaurs

Written by Jim McDonald

This Hello, World! board book is a great introduction to the world dinosaurs and our association with them today. The images are bright and colorful, and simple enough for a young child to comprehend.

Dinosaur Dance! Sandra Boynton

Dinosaur Dance

Written and Illustrated by Sandra Boynton

This silly book is great for interacting with your child, making up a little dance with the words, and having fun. I haven’t met a toddler who doesn’t love Sandra Boynton!

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!

Oh My Oh My Dinosaur

Written and Illustrated by Sandra Boynton

This rhythmic, silly book teaches children about opposites showing various scenes with dinosaurs. It is another Sandra Boynton favorite.

My Big Dinosaur Book

My Big Dinosaur Book

Written by Roger Priddy

This large, colorful book of dinosaurs is a collection of dinosaurs with its name and some facts sprinkled in. There are so many different colors and types of dinosaurs, that children will spend a long time looking through this book.

Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp! (On the Go)

Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp!

Written by Margaret Mayo, illustrated by Alex Ayliffe

This is a great dinosaur book for toddlers, with a new action word for each dinosaur.

Dinosaur Books for Preschoolers

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

Written by Jane Yolen, Illustrated by Mark Teague

This cute story goes through a bedtime routine of how a dinosaur goes to bed and helps reinforce good behavior at bedtime. The other How Do Dinosaurs books are equally as charming.

Danny and the Dinosaur

Danny and the Dinosaur

Written and Illustrated by Sid Hoff

Danny and the Dinosaur is a classic book for children who are learning to read. It is a sweet story of a boy and his pet dinosaur, and the little things they do together. A favorite among preschool-aged children!

Tea Rex

Tea Rex

Written by Molly Idle

A lot of dinosaur books target the boy audience or feature a boy as the main character, but this one features a little girl and her tea party with a T-rex. It is a humorous book, with adorable illustrations that both children and adults will enjoy.

All Aboard the Dinotrain

All Aboard the Dinotrain

Written by Deb Lund, illustrated by Howard Fine

In this book, dinosaurs are up for an adventure and decide to take a train ride. It is a funny, rhythmic story that is fun for children, and a delight for adults to read aloud. If you like this book, Dinosailors and Dinosoaring are other favorites.

Dinosaur Books for Kids Ages 6 – 8

How Big Were Dinosaurs?

How Big Were Dinosaurs?

Written and illustrated by Lita Judge

For anyone wondering just how big the dinosaurs were, this book shows modern animals next to dinosaurs to see exactly how they size up. This dinosaur book is silly but fact-filled to interest children of all ages.

The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs

The Magic School Bus: In the Time of Dinosaurs

Written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen

Ms. Fizzle’s class is transported back in time to the prehistoric age, where dinosaurs roam the earth. In true Magic School Bus fashion, science, history, and humor are mixed in for a great read.

How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum

How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum

Written and illustrated by Jessie Hartland

This dinosaur book is great for children to make the connection for what they see in a museum with real life. It teaches children the process from finding the fossils until they are presented in the museum.

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

Written by Elise Broach and illustrated by David Small

This dinosaur book is a story of a little boy who gets a dinosaur wherever he goes. It combines the imagination and silliness of childhood, with enough smart humor and language that adults would enjoy. Wonderful picture book.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaur

Written by Catherine D. Hughes, illustrated by Franco Tempesta

This is one of the best dinosaur books for preschoolers, as it is comprehensive and each page highlights a dinosaur, along with simple facts for children to follow. Along with each dinosaur are questions parents can ask their child to keep them engaged and relate the dinosaur to their own life.

Feathered Dinosaurs

Feathered Dinosaurs

Written by Brenda Z. Guiberson, illustrated by William Low

For children who can’t get enough information about dinosaurs, this book has specific facts about feathered dinosaurs, and the connection between the ancient animals and birds today. The illustrations are beautiful in this book!

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs : The Definitive Pop-Up

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up

Written and illustrated by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart

This remarkable pop-up book is one of the most unique and treasured books on dinosaurs. It is full of fascinating facts and six spreads with one large pop-up and smaller pop-ups on the page of dinosaurs. Of course, because it is a pop-up book with intricate details, it is recommended for ages 4+.

Dinosaur Books for Kids 8 – 12

Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs!

Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs!

Written by Kathleen V. Kudlinkski, Illustrated by S.D. Schindler

This is a great book on teaching children how science has changed our understanding of dinosaurs as new discoveries come out. It provides interesting information about dinosaurs but also shows children how that information was discovered.

Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures: Step Into a Prehistoric World

Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures: Step Into a Prehistoric World 

Written by Emily Hawkins, Illustrated by Lucy Letherland

If you’re looking for a book that includes stories along with facts, this Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures is great. The illustrations are detailed enough for children to be engaged while you read, and you get a chance to use your imagination on what things looked like when dinosaurs roamed the world.

Dinosaurium: Welcome to the Museum

Dinosaurium: Welcome to the Museum

Written by Lily Murray, Illustrated by Chris Wormell

It’s almost as if you walk through a museum in this book, as you are guided through As always, Chris Wormell’s artwork is fantastic and will captivate children of all ages.

The Enormous Egg

The Enormous Egg 

Written by Oliver Butterworth

This chapter book is a great, timeless fictional story of a boy who finds a dinosaur egg in a chicken’s nest and the adventure that ensued. It is funny, heartwarming and has all the charm you want in a middle-grade book.

The Dinosaur Book

The Dinosaur Book

Written by DK

This dinosaur book is a comprehensive, visual guide to the prehistoric world. The images and illustrations are fantastic and the details are up to date with the latest paleontology discoveries.

These are only a handful of hundreds of the best dinosaur books for kids. If you have children who enjoy dinosaur books, you may want to check out other book lists, such as children’s books about the ocean and nature books for kids. If you have a favorite book that you would like considered to be featured, please feel free to contact us!

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