The Top 20 Children’s Books About Manners

Teaching good manners to children at a young age is so important — it is foundational as they relate with others. Whether it’s saying please and thank you, being polite at the dinner table, or learning to share, establishing good manners helps children begin to think of other people besides themselves. Discover the top 20 children’s books about manners ranging from board books, to picture books, to guides on etiquette for older children.

How to Teach Manners to Children

Parents all agree that teaching children manners is essential to help them interact and show respect for others. Here are some practical ways to help teach children about manners.

Model Polite Behavior

Modeling polite behavior is one of the best ways that children can learn what to do in various situations. Children look to adults for what is acceptable in this world, so modeling polite behavior with them and others that you come in contact with goes a long way.

Role-Play with Children

If you are about to enter into a situation where you are afraid your child may respond in a rude manner, try to role-play before the event to give your child some practice on being polite beforehand. For example, before a birthday party where a child may receive gifts, pretend that they are giving you a gift and show them how to respond with gratefulness.

Read Them Picture Books About Manners

And, of course, one of the best ways to teach kids how to behave is by reading children’s books about manners to them. Reading stories help children understand concepts and themes that otherwise they wouldn’t get. The characters, examples, and consequences shown in stories serve as excellent teachers.

Children’s Books About Manners

Below is a list of 20 children’s books about manners that span from basic books to more comprehensive guides for older children.

Penguin Says Please Hello Genius Book - Children's Books on Manners

Penguin Says “Please”

Written by Michael Dahl, Illustrated by Oriol Vidal
Ages 1 – 4 years | Board Book

Penguin begins his day asking for things in various situations. His requests are only granted when he says please. A simple, sturdy board book to introduce a child to say please. If you want to see more, there are a lot of other board books about manners by this author and illustrator in the Hello Genius series.

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Clifford's Manners  - Children's Books on Manners

Clifford’s Manners

By Norman Bridwell
Ages 4 – 8 years |  Picture Book

Follow along with the lovable big red dog Clifford as he interacts with others politely by saying please, thank you, waiting his turn, and interacting with others politely. A great little book introducing manners for kids.

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The Bear Who Shared Book  - Children's Books on Manners

The Bear Who Shared

By Catherine Rayner
Ages 3 – 5 years | Picture Book

A bear named Norris is patiently waiting for the last fruit to fall from a tree. He realizes he’s not the only one who’s been waiting and is given the hard decision of whether to enjoy the fruit himself or share. Gorgeous illustrations and a sweet story with a moral on patience, sharing, and friendship.

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Madeline Says Merci  - Children's Books on Manners

Madeline Says Merci

By John Bemelmans Marciano
Ages 3 – 7 years | Picture Book

A charming guidebook from Madeline, Miss Clavel, and her friends on how to be polite. There are many examples, such as sharing, cleaning, apologizing, and generally kind and courteous to those around you. And it is written in the classic witty, lyrical verse you’re used to from Madeline books. This is one of our favorite children’s books on manners and beloved in our home.

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Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners  - Children's Books on Manners

Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners

By Laurie Keller
Ages 4 – 8 years | Picture Book

Otters move next door to Mr. Rabbit, and he realizes he doesn’t know anything about otters. “Treat otters the same way you’d like them to treat you,” Mr. Owl advises. A playful and lively book on the Golden Rule and how to live peacefully with others.

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Interrupting Chicken  - Children's Books on Manners

Interrupting Chicken

By David Ezra Stein
Ages 4 – 8 years | Picture Book

A silly book about a father chicken reading to his little red chicken who keeps interrupting. He reads classic fairy tales like Hasel and Gretel and the Little Red Riding Hood, so if your child is familiar with those tales, they will find it especially funny as well. A humorous book teaching children the importance of not interrupting others.

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Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf  - Children's Books on Manners

Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf

Written by Judy Sierra, Illustrated by J. Otto Seibold
Ages 4 – 8 years | Picture Book

The “Big Bad Wolf (B.B. Wolf) has retired and is invited to tea at the library. Throughout the event, he has to mind his manners and makes up a song to remind himself of being polite while sipping his tea and interacting with others. A funny, playful story with similar gentle reminders for children on how to behave.

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Emily's Everyday Manners   - Children's Books on Manners

Emily’s Everyday Manners

Written by Peggy Post and Cindy Post Senning, Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman
Ages 4 – 7 years | Picture Book

In this book, Emily and her friend Ethan teach children that manners are not just for special occasions, but are used every day to make you and others happy. Whether it’s good manners at the table, as you’re waiting in line, or how to show kindness to friends, it’s a great guide on various scenarios from the most trusted name in etiquette.

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How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?  - Children's Books on Manners

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?

Written by Jane Yolen, Illustrated by Mark Teague
Ages 4 – 8 years | Picture Book

A silly book about how to eat and not eat at the dinner table. If you read it enough to your children, you all will start to memorize the catchy rhymes and remind each other at dinnertime on the best ways to treat others. If you like this book, there are other great books in the How Do Dinosaurs series, like playing with friends or cleaning their rooms.

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Manners  - Children's Books on Manners


By Aliki Brandenberg
Ages 4 – 9 years | Picture Book, Comic Book

There are various scenarios for being polite and having good manners in this book with examples in a comic book-like format. Instead of just giving reasons how to be polite, it gives the philosophy behind why to be polite — because people will enjoy being around you when you are courteous to others.

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Be Polite and Kind  - Children's Books on Manners

Be Polite and Kind

Written by Cheri J. Meiners, Illustrated by Meredith Johnson
Ages 4 – 8 years | Picture Book

A simple, yet comprehensive book on how to be polite and kind to one another. The back of the book includes a guide for parents to prompt discussions with their child on how to be polite with questions to ask as they read the book.

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Time to Say "Please"!  - Children's Books on Manners

Time to Say “Please”!

By Mo Willems
Ages 3 – 6 years | Picture Book

An army of mice teaches manners to children by sharing what to do and not to do in different situations that children face every day. In typical Mo Willems style, this is a lighthearted introduction to manners.

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My Mouth is a Volcano  - Children's Books on Manners

My Mouth is a Volcano

Written by Julia Cook, Illustrated by Carrie Hartman
Ages 5 – 8 years | Picture Book

This book does a great job of showing why children interrupt and give kids empathy for how others feel when they do it. Instead of just pointing out the behavior, they give suggestions for kids to hold their words until it’s their turn to speak. Plus, it’s a helpful reminder for adults who may need this important lesson, too.

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Share and Take Turns   - Children's Books on Manners

Share and Take Turns

By Cheri J. Meiners
Ages 4 – 8 years |  Picture Book

Although this is a quick, short book, it teaches children about sharing and importance of giving each other a turn. The examples and illustrations help put this into action and reap the benefits of sharing. Plus, there’s a section at the end for adults on how to reinforce this lesson into everyday life.

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It's Mine!  - Children's Books on Manners

It’s Mine!

By Leo Lionni
Ages 3 – 7 years | Picture Book

A fable about three selfish frogs who bicker and fight on an island and end up meeting a brown toad in a storm who teaches them to share. A cute and fun story with a great message on how to treat others.

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Should I Share My Ice Cream?  - Children's Books on Manners

Should I Share My Ice Cream?

By Mo Willems
Ages 4 – 8 years | Picture Book

Gerald the elephant gets an ice cream cone and begins to wonder if he should share it with his friend Piggie. The more he thinks about it, the more the ice cream melts, until when he’s finally decided to share, it’s too late and the ice cream is gone for everyone to enjoy. A great lesson on friendship, how to share, and making decisions in a timely manner.

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Llama Llama Time to Share  - Children's Books on Manners

Llama Llama Time to Share

Written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney
Ages 2 – 5 years | Picture Book

Llama Llama has a new neighbor and has to share his toys with a new friend. A good lesson on sharing and how fun it can be to play well with others. And like all Llama Llama books, it makes for a great read-aloud book with its sing-song, rhyming words.

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Pig Will and Pig Won't  - Children's Books on Manners

Pig Will and Pig Won’t

By Richard Scarry
Ages 2 – 6 years | Picture Book

An influential story about two pigs in a family — one who will help out and another who won’t. The pig that volunteers to help is ultimately rewarded. It shows children that volunteering cheerfully can help them see responsibilities as opportunities. Are you going to be a Pig Will or a Pig Won’t? (Plus, the book includes stickers, always a crowd pleaser among young readers.)

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What If Everyone Did That?  - Children's Books on Manners

What If Everybody Did That?

Written by Ellen Javernick, Illustrated by Colleen M. Madden
Ages 3 – 7 years | Picture Book

What If Everybody Did That is a great cause and effect lesson for children on how their actions have consequences. It includes fourteen examples of how it may not seem like a big deal when just one person does something, but if everybody did it, it would create chaos and a world of mess. Kids will enjoy the humorous outlandish illustrations, and adults will appreciate the message.

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The Children's Book of Virtues  - Children's Books on Manners

The Children’s Book of Virtues

Written by William J. Bennett | Illustrated by Michael Hague
Ages 4 – 8 years | Collection of Stories

A collection of stories with characters and messages on courage, perseverance, responsibility, work, self-discipline, compassion, faith, honesty, loyalty, and friendship. The illustrations are lovely and are on every page, and the lessons in each story are ones that children will remember for years to come.

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These are only 20 of hundreds of great children’s books about manners. If you have a favorite book that you would like considered to be featured, please feel free to contact us!

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